World Championships 2017: Paul Chelimo defends cut-throat gesture

Paul Chelimo
Chelimo says he is "the future of distance running"

Bronze medallist Paul Chelimo has defended his cut-throat gesture at the start of the World Championships 5,000m in London.

The 26-year-old American made the sign before finishing third behind Britain's Mo Farah and Ethiopia's gold medallist Muktar Edris.

"I meant [by the gesture] Mo has to have a hard time. We have to make sure he goes down," Chelimo told BBC Sport.

"If we work really hard and try to beat Mo - it makes it fun."

Farah, who won 10,000m gold at the London event, missed out on a fifth global championships distance double in a row before he switches his focus to marathons.

Kenya-born Chelimo, who described himself as "the future of distance running", added: "I really wanted to beat Mo but I didn't have enough in me but just a medal is enough.

"Mo Farah is a great guy. All these years I have been working hard to beat Mo and if there is always someone like that then that makes you work really hard. It tells you that Mo is a really strong guy."

Race winner Edris, 23, did the 'mobot' - a move made famous by Farah - after crossing the finishing line.

Farah, who will make his final track appearance at the 5,000m Diamond League final in Zurich on 24 August, played down suggestions Edris was directing a taunt his way.

"These guys all respect me and the reason why he did that is they respect me for what I've done for the sport," said the 34-year-old.

Edris, who had lost his five previous races against Farah, said: "Mo has many victories but now I have one. I am the new champion for Ethiopia. That's why I did the mobot. I am the next champion.

"I have won the gold in front of his home crowd. I didn't have much support but we did it. I did the mobot out of respect as well for him."

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