Jessica Ennis-Hill: Darren Campbell reads an ode from BBC Sport readers

Jessica Ennis-Hill: Darren Campbell reads your #OdetoJess

Jessica Ennis-Hill has retired from athletics with Olympic gold and silver medals and two World Championship crowns to show for a stunning heptathlon career.

The 30-year-old Briton, one of three home champions at the Olympic Stadium on London 2012's 'Super Saturday', took time out of the sport after the Games to have her son, Reggie, before returning to regain the world title just 13 months after his birth. She announced her retirement on Thursday, calling it "one of the toughest decisions I've had to make".

We asked you, the BBC Sport audience, to submit suggestions, line by line, for an ode to the Sheffield-born star. You delivered to #OdetoJess in your droves.

An ode to Jess


Jess, much have you travell'd in the realms of gold,

You've been an inspiration to those both young and old,

Sheffield's finest, a woman of steel,

You've shown many an athlete a clean pair of heels.


The pride of a nation, you've carried with dignity,

And impressed the world with your peerless ability,

We've followed your highs, on the edge of our seats,

We screamed at the telly - to help you compete.


The battles, tears and victories,

Your place in Britain's history,

Your strength and smiles as bright as the sun,

Running with you, we always won.


Much have you travell'd in the realms of gold…

Your journey is legend which will forever be told.


With thanks to @hilsjbils, @imBeamed, @danlechief, @lRoberthammo, @MalcBoughen, @NCCMagpie, @dejibus, @AbiGoulding13, @AmandaRamsay, @serbian_tank and @Sp0rtz_Fan.

Jessica Ennis-Hill
Jessica Ennis-Hill won Olympic gold in 2012 and silver in 2016

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