Newcastle survey shows fans want Bruce out

  • Published

By Alistair Magowan

Over 94% of Newcastle fans want manager Steve Bruce to step down in the best interests of the club, according to a supporters' survey.

The Newcastle United Supporters' Trust asked its fans about the running of the club in August, but then conducted another poll after the defeat by Wolves.

In the more recent survey, which had 5,649 respondents, it was found that 94.3% wanted Bruce out, and 95.9% are not confident Newcastle will remain in the Premier League this season.

That latter figure was up from 77% in August. At the same time, the NUST found that 93.8% of members are in favour of takeover and 98% of members are dissatisfied with the Premier League.

It follows the club's long-running dispute with the league over a potential takeover, which is set for arbitration on 3 January.