NFL predictions: 49ers at Ravens, Patriots at Texans, Vikings at Seahawks

Jason and Osi from the NFL Show
Episode 14 of the NFL Show airs at 23:40 GMT on Saturday, 30 November on BBC One

It's time for you to put your NFL prediction skills to the test.

Our experts Osi Umenyiora and Jason Bell have picked out the three games they think will be significant in week 13 and explain their reasons.

But who do you agree with? You can vote below.

Sunday: San Francisco 49ers at the Baltimore Ravens

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Jason: If the 49ers have any deficiency it's stopping the running game, and that's what Baltimore does well. If they can find a way to slow that down and attack Lamar Jackson when he throws then they have the advantage, but it'll be tight. I think the fact it's in Baltimore - I have to go with them, I believe in the Lamar magic.

Osi: This is going to be won on the line of scrimmage. Are the 49ers going to be able to control that running game of the Baltimore Ravens with Lamar Jackson throwing passes both ways? I think it's near on impossible - so I'm going with the Ravens.

Monday: New England Patriots at the Houston Texans

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Jason: The Patriots are going to win this game but it's going to be good as both sides' coaching staff know each other and I always look for some tips on the Patriots when they play a coach who came from their organisation. I also think this game gives the Patriots offence an opportunity to get back on track because this Houston defence is not playing well.

Osi: This defence of the New England Patriots is fantastic - they're going to smother, they're going to choke out, they're going to destroy the Houston Texans and this is going to give Tom Brady the ability, over the course of the game, to move and manipulate the ball dangerously.

Tuesday: Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks

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Jason: First of all, I'm going to be flat out honest - this is going to be a nail-biting game. I'm going with the Vikings but the issue is if those defensive backs can't cover the deep route, we know Russell Wilson likes to take shots vertically down the field and if they can't stop that, it's going to be a problem. I'm still sticking with the Vikings though.

Osi: This is a massive home-field advantage for Seattle and it's such a tasty game I can't wait for this to get started. I'm going with the Seahawks though, I think Russell Wilson is going to come out and have an MVP performance for his team and get them over the line.

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