Sport 2050: How to follow our coverage of a possible climate change impacted future for sport

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Sport 2050 was conceived and created with the ambition of making the abstract future impacts of climate change more real for people by looking at how it might impact on their everyday lives. Sport - one of the most universally relatable areas of life across the globe that raises passions like no other - presents an ideal opportunity to do this.

Through interviews with current sport stars, explanations by scientists and climate experts, and extrapolation of what is predicted to happen by 2050, the aim of the project was to help inform readers who may not otherwise have engaged with the science of, or news around, climate change.

Follow the links below to see the whole project - from the background of climate change to what a World Cup may look like in 2050, and what the sports stars of today are doing to combat climate change now.

What is Sport 2050?

Why we are doing this

What is Climate Change?

How are sports battling climate change?

Watch: A weather forecast from the future

Watch: Imagined headlines from a warmer world

A vision of the future

A World Cup like no other?

Cricket beneath the dome

Is this the end of winter sports?

No green future for golf?

Today's sports stars on tomorrow's challenges

Watch: Cricket will have to evolve and develop - Root

Watch: 'It's very rewarding' - Dier's vegetable patch

Watch: Sport is 'not doing enough' to tackle climate change - Rosberg

Watch: 'Golf needs adjustments but won't fade away' - Pettersen

Watch: Why sustainability matters to Generation Next

Watch: Cricket positioned to lead in sustainability - Cooke

David James: 'Recycling boots can help environment'

More on sport's challenges

Sport 2050: Messages from sport's future

Watch: How does extreme heat affect athletes?

Watch: The golf club disappearing into the sea

Watch: Four ways climate is already impacting sport

Three ways being a fan might change

Finals venues - should Uefa be more flexible?

Climate change impact 'scary' - Root

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