LGBT+ History Month: The best of BBC Sport's coverage

BBC Sport celebrates LGBT+ History Month

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Why LGBT+ History Month matters to athletes
'We need to reclaim the word lesbian and see it as a positive'
'We didn't think about it at the time but representation matters'
LGBT+ History Month: Why is men's football less inclusive than the women's game
I hadn't been taught the reality of living with HIV - Thomas
Being bisexual 'didn't even cross my mind as an option'
'You're stronger than you know' - cricketer Winfield-Hill's letter to her younger self
Matthew Mitcham on being the first openly gay male to win individual Olympic gold
LGBT+ History Month: Nigel Owens
'It was a big deal' - Billie Jean King talks to Sue Barker about coming out
Becoming the first openly gay male Winter Olympics champion made me 'explode with pride' - Radford
LGBT+ History Month: How Stonewall FC are changing misconceptions of football
LGBT+ History Month: Football fans share their experiences
Martina Navratilova talks to Sue Barker about coming out
'Who you choose to be with doesn't change you as a person' - Ireland prop Van Standen
Child wants to 'help educate' people and encourage respect
Thomas Hitzlsperger: The past seven years have been a fantastic journey
You're stronger than you actually are - Hall
How coming out changed footballer Thomas Beattie's life

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