Racism in sport: Chris Grant 'optimistic' about 'change of tide' after meeting

A Black Lives Matter banner at Crystal Palace
Premier League players took a knee and wore 'Black Lives Matter' on their shirts

Sport England board member Chris Grant says he is confident there is a "change in the tide" about addressing racism in the United Kingdom's sporting system.

UK Sport met on Tuesday with the heads of the home nations' sport councils to discuss race and injustice in sport.

A joint statement said that the need to take action "goes beyond that which has historically been done".

"Action is good but we need meaningful action. It needs to come from the top," Grant told BBC Sport.

The death of unarmed black man George Floyd in police custody in the United States has sparked global discussions about race and equality.

Grant - one of the most senior black administrators in British sport - previously asked for a commission to be set up to explore the "roots of inequality in sport".

"I think a lot of people in the flurry of words that followed [Floyd's death] have been nervous that it would turn out to be just a moment, rather than an opportunity to achieve lasting change," Grant said.

"I was optimistic as I left the meeting today that maybe what we are about to see is a change in the tide, in terms of how sport functions across the four home nations and at UK level."

UK Sport said all five organisations would work together to address the issues raised.