AFL: Gillon McLachlan apologises after reports fans told to 'calm down'

Gillon McLachlan
Australian Football League CEO Gillon McLachlan said his "personal view" was that security staff "should go"

The Australian Football League has apologised after reports fans were told by security staff to "calm down".

The behaviour of supporters at AFL games has been in the spotlight after a number of violent incidents - including a fight that led to three men being banned from matches for three years.external-link

Melbourne's Docklands stadium has used "behavioural awareness officers".

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan said no-one at the organisation was "trying to stop crowds being passionate".

"I apologise if the people who go along to the football to have a day out feel that they haven't been able to do that," he said at a news conference.

"It's devastating to think that our fans think something has changed to limit their enjoyment at the footy."

AFL games regularly draw crowds of more than 70,000.

One fan was ejected from a match last week for reportedly shouting at an umpire,external-link and others have said they were told they were being "too loud".

McLachlan met Docklands stadium chief Michael Green on Monday, and said discussions would continue about the security staff.

"My personal view is they're not right and they should go," he said. "That's part of the discussions we can have with our venues."

Green told a local radio station the stadium would scale back patrols.