Hair today, gone tomorrow - are these the worst haircuts in sport?

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Svetlana Kuznetsova cuts her own hair off during match

Some people say you are only as good as your last haircut.

Svetlana Kuznetsova will hope not, after she hacked some of her own hair off midway during a match at the WTA Finals in Singapore on Monday.

"I thought, 'what's more important? My hair, which can grow, or the match?'" said the Russian world number nine, complaining that it was affecting her game in a three-set win over Agnieszka Radwanska.

Unfortunately, many a sports star has failed to embrace this philosophy of substance over style.

With the help of Sportsday readers, BBC Sport looks at some of the worst sporting hairstyles.

The guy behind isn't sure either...

Dennis Rodman

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman had a series of 'unconventional' styles - this was just one of them. He also adopted the bleached blonde look long before Aaron Ramsey, Messi and Neymar re-ignited the craze.

Rodman looks like he has just caught sight of himself on the big screen and is seriously questioning his life choices - as is the dude behind.

The style with no name

Giovanni Simeone

Giovanni Simeone, son of Diego, was seen sporting this quirky style when playing for Argentine side River Plate.

Lost a bet?

Joe Cole

Yep, that's 'early noughties Joe Cole' when he tried to make it trendy to shave your initial into your head and dye it red.

Younger readers may be wondering if it caught on. It didn't.

Gervinho's curtains & headband combination


Former Arsenal forward Gervinho revealed he had a hairline higher than his outrageous salary when he uncovered his forehead behind a pair of braided curtains.

It was the elastic headband that really caused a stir - it looked painful!

Ronaldo's 'patch'


Striker Ronaldo decided this would be a good idea for the 2002 World Cup - Brazil went on to win it.

Yes, the pinnacle of your career and you have that haircut, shown on the front page of newspapers round the world.

Sorry Ronaldo. Brilliant footballer. Awful haircut.