Terms of use for the “BBC Rio 2016 Experience”

The BBC Rio 2016 Experience ("Rio 2016") is a collection of new and experimental ideas designed for testing and audience feedback purposes.

They may not work on all platforms or devices, may have glitches, and may not meet the full BBC technical and accessibility standards.

The app, live streams and other related content are provided by the Olympic Broadcasting Services S.L ("OBS") on behalf of BBC Sport with BBC Taster. It is provided on an 'as is' basis as part of an experimental project. The BBC cannot ensure the availability or quality of the app and/or its content.

The content on this site and the apps is designed for and is suitable for people over 16.

Whenever you use a BBC VR/360 experience as part of Rio 2016, you agree to these terms.

There may be other terms of use which will be indicated where and when they apply.

When on a third party site that party's site terms of use shall apply. When using Rio 2016 on a BBC site the BBC Online Terms of Use apply. Some links on Rio 2016 will take you to external sites (such as YouTube and Facebook). Please see the BBC's approach to external linking.

Accessing the web experience, downloading an App and using your VR/360 Headset ("Headset")

•You can view the content via your smartphone, tablet, laptop and your Headset. When viewing Rio 2016 on YouTube or Facebook, their terms of use will apply.

•The Rio 2016 apps will be made available via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Oculus Store. Please be aware that their terms of use will apply.

•Your Headset supplier's terms and conditions will apply to your use of the Headset and related VR/360 equipment. Please follow your Headset supplier's safety information. The BBC is not responsible for information provided by your Headset supplier or on its site, or for your use of the Headset and related VR/360 equipment.


Certain content may not be appropriate for all users, and some content may contain repetitive flashing images (e.g. strobe effects).

Please read carefully and follow your VR/360 headset supplier's safety information, and the BBC VR/360 Safety Information guidance.

Please be aware of your surroundings when participating in any VR/360 experience and do so in a safe manner.

Information Collected

In using Rio 2016 and other third party apps or websites, your personal information may be collected and/or stored by that party on cloud-related servers under that party's terms of use and privacy policies.

If the BBC collects any of your personal information relating to your use of Rio 2016, then the

BBC Privacy Policy will apply.