Red Button & Connected TV

Connected Red Button

The BBC's interactive Red Button service is available on all Digital TV platforms and our enhanced Connected TV BBC Sport App is now available on more than 550 connected devices.

In March 2016 we launched a new version of our Connected TV BBC Sport app and made it easier to find all the sports the BBC covers and improved the way our audience can access videos, news and scores, results on connected TVs.

BBC Sport App for Connected TV

Connected TV uses your broadband internet connection to bring online content directly on to your television. In addition to our sport coverage on network TV, the BBC Sport Connected TV App offers extra live streams from major sporting events the BBC covers.

The BBC Sport App for Connected TV also offers live coverage of popular sports throughout the sporting calendar including live football, rugby union matches, athletics, tennis and snooker. The Sport App also provides a platform for showcasing sports that are not usually covered on network TV such as equestrian and triathlon.

Along with coverage of live events, the BBC Sport App for Connected TV also offers the latest video highlights and headlines for each major event, our most popular sports and for each of the UK nations.

Key events have dedicated homescreens where users can access:

•LIVE STREAMS -- Follow the action with the BBC's exclusive live coverage

•HIGHLIGHTS AND CLIPS - Video highlights of the key moments from each event

•LATEST HEADLINES - Full screen sports analysis and news direct from the BBC Sport website

•FIXTURES, SCORES AND RESULTS - keep up to date for all the sports that matter

Connected Red Button

Where to get the BBC Sport App for Connected TV

The BBC Sport App for Connected TV is available on a wide range of devices including set-top boxes, games consoles, smart TV's, Blu Ray players and relatively inexpensive media players which can turn any TV with an HDMI port into a Smart TV.

To ensure that the exclusive content available in the Sports App is accessible to as much of our audience as possible, we continually test and certify new Connected TV devices. We have now certified more than 550 different Connected TV devices and the BBC Sport App is now available on:

Virgin Media TiVo

Virgin Media TiVo customers can access the BBC Sport App via the Connected Red Button or the Apps and Games section. Upon pressing Red on a BBC channel, the Red Button service will launch then users can simply navigate across to the Sport section, press down and select 'Sport Home'.

The Red Button also includes a Sport section that showcases any available live event streams and video highlights that are available to watch in the Sport App. Just select the content panel to watch the video and then press up on your remote control if you want to access other related sport content. Pressing up again will take you to the homescreen of the full featured BBC Sport App.

Connected Red Button


BBC Sport is available on the Freesat HDR-1000S with Freetime. The BBC Sport App can be accessed by launching the On Demand section from the Home menu. Your Freesat device will need to be connected to the internet to access BBC Sport.

Smart TV's and Blu-Ray Players

The majority of new televisions are now Smart TVs that connect to the internet to access apps on your TV. The BBC Sport App for Connected TV is available on more than 550 different Smart TV models.

Playstation 3 & 4

The majority of games consoles can be connected to the internet and the BBC sport App is available on both the Playstation 3 and 4. We plan to make the app available on other games consoles in the future.

Media Players

A number of new media players have launched that enable users to turn their TV into a Smart TV. These new media streaming devices, costing from around £50, connect into the HDMI port of any TV and then connect to the internet via a wired or wireless connection.