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29 October 2014
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face in hands
Don't worry, it's only a demo after all.

Demos 19.02.06

We always have to go back to the source. There is no getting away from the blues, no matter how we try. I am not particularly a blues fan but my feet will still move with a mind of their own when I hear the stuff that this weeks demos are made of.

A few key facts

Ensure that your demo contains your best work
Mark it clearly with all your contact details
Remember we only play local solo artists and bands from the counties of Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire or Dorset.
We only accept demos on CD or in Mp3 format.

...blues, blues, blues, blues. Yeah ok then lets have it!

Three different types of blues then on this weeks demo slot.

Firstly we have one man and his guitar, as it was in the beginning. Simple, mobile and actually a lot of fun. Mister Doo with his rendition of Albert King's 'Is that a Monkey You Got?. I can't remember if 'monkey' was a metaphor for problem. Well no problems here. A good solid performance with skillful guitar playing. Steve Wells who is Mister Doo hails from Surbiton and plays blues in a 'raunchy, bouncy style with a hint of comedy and a healthy dose of sleaze'

The Chicago Thieves are as you would expect very much more swingy and it gets you going like the first time you ever saw the Blues Brothers. Their track 'Champagne and Reefer' is full of good piano vamps and 'blues scale' plinking and is about what the title suggests. They have been together since 2003 and I suspect that they are very good to see live.

Thirdly we have The Whipping Post (mmm, tie it down baby). A friend of mine recently played some tunes by The Allman Brothers and I fell in love straight away. The name Whipping Post comes from one of their songs and the sound that they get is very much that vibe, growling vocals, Hammond organ and Fagin style building guitar solos.

Picture of a tree house
Oo er lofty heights.

Good luck to you all as you go up against the panel.

Well done to Sunday's winners Zucchini. I must say that I didn't realise how much the demo panel were into heavy music as all the demos did quite well.The demo panel come out of the goodness of their own hearts without any money changing hands so a special thanks to them for sharing out their views and knowledge with us.

last updated: 16/02/06
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