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Can I transfer podcasts to another device?

Yes, if you download a podcast on your computer or laptop, or from the BBC Sounds website on your mobile or tablet, you can transfer it to another device like an MP3 player, disc, or memory stick. This is because the podcast is saved as a file to the device you download it on, so you can move it or copy and paste it elsewhere. 

It's not possible to transfer podcasts downloaded on the BBC Sounds app or BBC iPlayer Radio app.

How do I transfer a podcast from my computer to my second device?

Each device will be different but for most you will need to:

  • Plug your second device into your computer (usually via a USB cable) so that it appears as an external device in the My Computer folder on Windows PCs or the Finder folder on Mac computers
  • Locate the podcast episodes which you have already downloaded onto your computer
  • 'Drag and drop' or copy and paste them into the folder for your second device in My Computer/Finder
  • Once the files have transferred, you will be able to disconnect the device and listen to the podcast episodes when you want to

Some MP3 players also come with software to allow you to "sync" the podcasts you have subscribed to on your computer with your player. This means that each time you plug in your MP3 player, the software will automatically transfer the latest episodes of your chosen podcasts to it. How this works depends on the brand of your MP3 player and the software you are using, so check the user manual for your MP3 player.

How do I transfer a podcast from my mobile or tablet to my second device? 

You'll need to transfer the podcast to a computer first, and then follow the steps above. The easiest way to transfer a file from a mobile or tablet to a computer is to send it via email, or plug your mobile or tablet into your computer (usually via a USB cable) and transfer the file that way. 

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