Why do I hear a message on my internet radio stating that BBC Radio will stop working on 22 March?

*** Update 26 March 2021 ***

BBC radio content is no longer available on affected radio streams. A looping message is currently being played. This will continue for a few days before stopping completely. If you hear the message, please follow the guidance below.

*** Update 12 March 2021 ***

If you use a Sonos device and are listening through the Sonos Radio app, you should no longer hear the in-stream message. The URLs have been updated. If you still hear the message, check that you are using the Sonos Radio app.

If you choose to use another app and still hear the message, either switch to the Sonos Radio app or contact the app developer.

*** 4 March 2021 ***

The BBC has changed the way it distributes live radio online. If you listen to BBC live radio and hear the following message, please contact your device manufacturer and refer them to our blog post advising manufacturers of the change. 

"The way your device receives BBC radio programmes will stop working on or after the 22nd March 2021. If you’re using an internet radio or smart speaker, please contact the device manufacturer. If you’re using an app on another device, we recommend you listen using the BBC Sounds app or website."

Most devices have already been updated by manufacturers and their service partners (who manage internet radio streams on devices). If you don’t hear the above message - repeated once an hour - your device has already been updated. 

My manufacturer no longer supports my device, what can I do?

You may already have another way of accessing BBC Radio, such as the BBC Sounds app on Android, Fire and iOS devices, or via the website at bbc.co.uk/sounds. We’re also available on popular smart speakers and internet radio devices. And don’t forget BBC Radio is on the EPG of your digital TV as well as on DAB and FM.

Unfortunately, if manufacturers are unable to support or update their devices, the BBC live radio stream will not be available.

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