Why have the BBC radio station homepages changed?

We're making some improvements to the BBC Sounds website to give all our radio homepages a consistent home. This replaces the separate homepages on the BBC website.

With the new station homepages, you can...

  • Listen live to that station directly on the same page
  • Head to the station's full schedule with one click
  • Find editorial highlights from across the station including a wide variety of podcasts and music mixes
  • Access your personalised recommendations at the bottom of the page
  • Find articles and other additional content in a brand new section related to the station page you're on

You'll also be able to see what programme is currently on air, what's coming up next, what track is currently playing, and what tracks have been played recently, as you could before.

We do hope you enjoy these improvements. If you would like to find out more about these and other changes to BBC Sounds, check out the About the BBC Blog: New features on their way to BBC Sounds.