Why can’t I receive any BBC radio on-demand content on my internet radio/smart speaker/speaker?

The BBC has changed the way access to on-demand content is available in the UK. The manufacturer or aggregator* who provides the device you're using should have received full instructions from the BBC to implement the change. Please contact your device manufacturer and ask them to contact the BBC.

*An aggregator is a provider that collates and manages internet radio streams for manufacturers.

My manufacturer no longer supports my device, what can I do?

The BBC makes its content available through a number of other routes (such as its website, mobile and tablet apps, or most third party devices). Unfortunately, if manufacturers are unable to support or update their devices, BBC radio on-demand content will not be available. It may be possible to adapt your device if it has an audio input or Bluetooth connection. If so, consider connecting a mobile/tablet device, using BBC Sounds to play content.

I am an internet radio device maker and would like to know why BBC radio on-demand streams are no longer available.

The BBC wrote to aggregators and hardware device makers in September 2019 informing them that access to on-demand content would only be available via an API key. Any third party requesting an API key must be able to meet the conditions of the Distribution Policy, and enter into a formal arrangement with the BBC. If you are a device maker or aggregator, please get in touch using the Contact Us option below for further instructions.