Help fixing problems with BBC Sounds on your smart speaker

Having problems with BBC Sounds on Alexa? We're aware that some users are having problems with BBC Sounds streams on Alexa devices. We are investigating this and will update the following page once we know more: Why do BBC Sounds streams stop or cut out when listening on my Alexa device? 

Many users have been able to fix smart speaker problems by following the troubleshooting steps below. Or our Known issues page lists problems that we're aware of and are working to resolve.

Make sure your device is supported

Check the Can I use BBC Sounds with my smart speaker? page to see if your device is supported and how you can use it with BBC Sounds. Some functionality is different between devices. 

Restart the device

Unplug the device from the mains, wait a few moments, then plug it back in and let it reboot itself. 

Check for a software update on your device

It's always best to make sure your device is running on the latest software available to it. Click on the links below to see how you can check for software updates on your device: 

Check your internet connection

Try switching off other devices using the same internet connection to see if that helps as they'll be competing for bandwidth. Also, if your speaker is not in the same room as the internet router, experiment by moving your smart speaker closer to your internet router as that may help you diagnose whether some locations in your home have a weak WiFi signal.

Restarting your internet router is also a good step to try, and even check to see if your router's software is up to date. 


Device specific problems