Why has my on-demand programme been cut short?

We use the schedule to add programmes automatically into BBC Sounds after they're broadcast. This makes them available as quickly as possible, however, sometimes schedules can change slightly or programmes might overrun. That means we might miss the very beginning or very end of a programme.

We know this can be frustrating so to help combat this:

  • We add two minutes to the end of every on-demand programme
  • We also correct most issues on newly-broadcast content within the first few hours of them becoming available

However, if a programme you're listening to ends abruptly or begins partway through the programme, try playing the following or previous programme broadcast on that station. You can find this out using the schedules.

If you’re interested, you can read all about this and the problems we face in delivering programmes in the BBC Technology + Creativity Blog by Jim Simmons, Senior Product Manager: Start times on BBC Radio on demand programmes.