How do I use BBC Sounds if I live outside the UK?

You can use BBC Sounds by visiting or by installing the BBC Sounds app.


The BBC Sounds app is available on devices running Amazon Fire 5, Android 5 or iOS 11.3 and above. Just search 'BBC Sounds' in your app store. If your device doesn't meet those requirements, or if you're in a location where the app isn't available, you can use the BBC Sounds website instead.

Do I need to sign in to use BBC Sounds?

Yes, to use the BBC Sounds app you'll need to log in with a BBC account. Follow the on-screen prompts to create a BBC account if you don't already have one. For help signing in or creating an account, visit the BBC account help site.

Can I still use the iPlayer Radio app?

We closed the international iPlayer Radio app in November 2020. You will now need to switch to the BBC Sounds app or BBC Sounds website to keep listening.

Why isn't the BBC Sounds app available in my country?

Currently, the BBC Sounds app is not available in India, China, Russia or Vietnam as the local data rules in these countries do not comply with the BBC’s privacy policies, which you can read here: Using the BBC: Your Information & Privacy. If this situation changes, we will update this page.

Just so you know...

For rights reasons, it isn't possible to download radio programmes from outside the UK. But you can download podcasts on the BBC Sounds app or from the BBC website. Here's how: 

We're also not able to make some content available outside the UK, including the Radio 5 live sports extra station, CBeebies Radio, certain sports and music coverage. Other programmes may also be available within the UK only, but again this will be due to rights agreements.