How do I use BBC Sounds on my TV?

Where can I find the BBC Sounds app?

  • Connected TVs
    If your TV is supported, you'll find the BBC Sounds app within the app menu. Check Can I use BBC Sounds on my TV?  to see if your TV is supported. If your device is supported but the app isn't listed, try updating the firmware on your TV.
  • YouView
    If you've got a YouView box or a compatible YouView-enabled Sony TV, you can find BBC Sounds by: 
    • Selecting BBC Sounds from the Players section
    • Listening to a BBC radio programme from the last seven days via the YouView electronic programme guide
    • Listening to a BBC radio programme from the last seven days via the YouView On Demand area

You'll need to make sure your TV device is connected to the internet. 

How can I listen live?

On the homepage, you'll find all our national radio stations and your local station at the top. Click on a live stream to start listening. 

Screenshot of the homepage of the Sounds TV app showing where to listen live

When listening to any programme, live or on-demand, you can minimise/maximise the playback screen using the two arrows to the right of the playback area.

Screenshot of TV playback screen highlighting minimising tool

At the moment, you'll also be able to see your nearest local radio station based on the postcode in your BBC account. We're looking into extending this to show all local radio stations.

How can I listen on demand?

Scroll down the homepage to find podcasts, your Continue Listening section, music mixes, categories and so much more. Click on a programme to start playing.

Sounds on TV displaying Categories and more from the homepage

Unable to pause a programme you're playing from 'Continue Listening' on your Vestel TV? Check this page for more information : Why is the Pause button not working when playing programmes from 'Continue Listening' on my Vestel TV?

You'll find extensive lists of available programmes within categories. To view all categories, scroll to the right and select View all. For help with categories, have a look here: Where can I find categories on BBC Sounds?

To find music programmes and mixes, use the Music icon on the left. 

Sounds on TV showing the Music page

Select a programme to start playing. To see all episodes of a particular programme, select More episodes. In here, you can view and play other episodes, and you can subscribe to the show.

Screenshot of a programme page within the Sounds TV app

Screenshot of 'More episodes' programme page

You'll also find My Sounds in the left-hand menu, where you can access your Latest list, Subscribed programmes and Bookmarked programmes and episodes: 

Screenshot of the My Sounds page on the Sounds TV app

Can I search for programmes?

Yes, you can. Navigate to the menu on the left-hand side and click on Search. Then, type in the name of the programme or podcast you're looking for. 

Screenshot showing the search function on the BBC Sounds TV app

Do I have to sign in?

Yes, you do. Check the How do I sign in to BBC Sounds on my connected TV? page for guidance on how to sign in.