What is My Sounds and how do I use it?

My Sounds is your personal space in BBC Sounds. It's where you'll find all the radio programmes and podcasts you've added to your Subscribed list and the individual episodes and clips you've added to Bookmarks.


This is where you'll find all the programmes and podcasts you've followed by clicking the Subscribe button. Click or tap through to My Sounds then Subscribed to view and listen to the episodes you want to hear.

Check the following pages for more information on subscribing and unsubscribing on My Sounds: 


Found an episode or clip you'd like to listen to later? Bookmark it so you can go back to it when you're ready. Check the How do I bookmark episodes to listen to later? page for advice on adding and removing bookmarks.


Your Latest list is where you'll find the most recent episodes of all of the programmes you've subscribed to. It's sorted by initial broadcast date with the most recently broadcast episodes at the top. It's not possible to delete individual episodes from Latest.

Can't find recent episodes in Latest? Check the following page for the latest information on this: Why are recent episodes not appearing in Latest within My Sounds?

What happened to programmes I previously added in My Radio? 

Don’t worry, you haven’t lost them! Any programmes or episodes that you had previously added within the BBC iPlayer Radio app will be listed in My Sounds. Likewise, any programmes you add to My Sounds within the BBC Sounds app will be available on the BBC Sounds website.