What features are you working on within the BBC Sounds app?

We've recently released the following features:

  • Live and on-demand track info
    You can now see what track is playing on both live and on-demand programmes, where available. To find out more, have a look here: How can I find out what track is playing?
  • Notifications for recommended programmes
    We've added notifications for programmes we think you'll like so you don't miss out. Read more about this feature here: What notifications will I receive from the BBC Sounds app?
  • Dark mode
    Check the following page for steps on using dark mode on the BBC Sounds app on Amazon Fire, Android and iOS devices: How do I use dark mode on the BBC Sounds app?
  • Changing download quality
    You can now change the quality of your downloads. Have a look at the following page for advice on how to do that: Can I change the quality of my downloads?
  • Sorting downloads
    You can sort your downloaded programmes by AddedA-Z or Expiry. Just go to My Sounds > Downloads and you'll see the sorting options in the top right corner. 
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