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Changes to the availability of BBC Podcasts on Google platforms (like Google Home and Google Podcast app)

Q: What’s happening and why?

A: The BBC requires platforms (such as Google’s Assistant) to meet certain conditions for BBC content to be available on their services. We seek to make our content as accessible to audiences as possible, but until it can be made available in a way that meets our Terms of Use and the BBC’s Distribution Policy, certain BBC content will be unavailable through specific Google products. 

Q: What is affected?

A: Listeners will have difficulty accessing BBC podcasts via the Google Podcast app and they will not be able to directly access BBC podcasts via the Google Assistant (Google Home).  

Q: Where can listeners go instead?

A: In the UK, listeners will still be able to access our podcasts on the free BBC Sounds app and website. UK listeners using Google Home can continue to access BBC podcasts by casting either from the BBC iPlayer Radio app (and BBC Sounds - when the functionality is added to the app in the coming weeks) or if using a laptop, the BBC Sounds website on Google Chrome. Outside the UK, listeners can access our podcasts on the BBC Sounds website (where casting is supported) and the BBC iPlayer Radio app.

Q: Are any other podcast services affected by this change?

A:  No. This only affects Google.

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