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What is My Sounds and how do I use it?

My Sounds is your personal space in BBC Sounds. It's where you'll find all the radio programmes and podcasts you've added to your Subscribed list and the individual episodes and clips you've added to Bookmarks.


This is where you'll find all the programmes and podcasts you've followed by clicking the Subscribe button. You'll see a personalised feed of these programmes and the episodes that are currently available in the Latest section. Just tap through to view and listen to the episodes you want to hear.

  • On the BBC Sounds website

Click on an episode of the programme you want to add to your Subscribed list. Then click Subscribe at the bottom right corner of the playback bar. 


  • On the BBC Sounds app

If you've already found an episode and you'd like to subscribe to the entire programme, tap on the episode, then tap Subscribe. You'll find the programme in the Subscribed section of My Sounds.


Alternatively, search for the programme you'd like to subscribe to, tap on it, then tap Subscribe.


Found an episode or clip you'd like to listen to later? Bookmark it so you can go back to it when you're ready. 

  • On the BBC Sounds website

Go to the episode page for the episode you want to add to your Bookmarks and click the blue + button. It will then appear in the Bookmarks section within My Sounds or at the bottom of the BBC Sounds homepage. 


  • On the BBC Sounds app

Tap on the episode you want to add to Bookmarks. Then tap More, then Bookmark episode. You'll find the episode in the Bookmarks section of My Sounds.


How do I remove programmes from My Sounds? 

Head to the How do I remove programmes from My Sounds? page for step-by-step guides on how to remove Bookmarks and items from Latest on the BBC Sounds website or BBC Sounds app.

For help unsubscribing from podcasts on BBC Sounds, check the How do I unsubscribe from a podcast? page.

What happened to programmes I previously added in My Radio? 

Don’t worry, you haven’t lost them! Any programmes or episodes that you had previously added within the BBC iPlayer Radio app and BBC iPlayer Radio website will be listed in My Sounds.

Likewise, any programmes you add to My Sounds within the BBC Sounds app, or My Radio within the BBC iPlayer Radio app, will be available on the BBC Sounds website.

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