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Where can I find the programmes I added to My Radio?

All of the programmes you added to My Radio, including the episodes or clips you added to Listen Later and the programmes you added to your Following list, can be found in My Sounds

What happened to Listen Later?

Listen Later is now Bookmarks, and it's where you'll find the episodes and clips you added to Listen Later.

  • On the BBC Sounds website, you can find your Bookmarks at the bottom of the BBC Sounds homepage. At the moment, Bookmarks on the BBC Sounds website will only display a maximum of six items. You can find your entire Bookmarks collection on the BBC Sounds app. We're working on displaying the full list of Bookmarks on the website in future.
  • On the BBC Sounds app, you'll find Bookmarks in the My Sounds section of the app.

What happened to Following?

Following is now Subscribed. When you click Subscribe, you'll see a personalised feed of the programmes and the episodes you love when they become available. All of the programmes that were previously in your Following list are now available in Subscribed. 

  • On the BBC Sounds website, click on My Sounds at the top right corner and then select Subscribed.
  • On the BBC Sounds app, you'll find all of the programmes you're subscribed to in the My Sounds section.

Any programmes or episodes that you had previously added within the BBC iPlayer Radio app and BBC iPlayer Radio website will be listed in My Sounds. Likewise, any programmes you add to My Sounds within the BBC Sounds app, or My Radio within the BBC iPlayer Radio app, will be available on the BBC Sounds website.

To find out more about My Sounds and how to use it, head to the What is My Sounds and how do I use it? page.

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