Why are recent episodes not appearing in Latest within My Sounds?

BBC Sounds | Update

We've made a change to how programmes are now sorted in the Latest section of My Sounds. This ensures that some programmes which were previously not listed in the correct date order, including The Archers, are now sorted as you'd expect.

It also means, however, that older programmes which have been repeated recently will not appear at the top of the Latest section. This may impact programmes on BBC Radio 4 Extra and other radio programmes which have been repeated recently. We'll update this page when we have further information on this.

In the meantime, here's how to see all the latest episodes of your subscriptions:
  • On the BBC Sounds app
    Go to My Sounds > Subscribed and tap on a programme from there.
  • On the BBC website
    At the top of the BBC website (and to the right of your sign in name) you’ll see a bell – that’s the notification icon. If the notification icon has a blue dot beside it then a new episode for a programme in your subscribed list is available. This will include older radio programmes that have been repeated and recently become available.