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What's changed on the website?

Changes to listening live

Click on any national or regional station (there's a link to all stations on the homepage) and you'll be taken straight to the new playback page. 


This page will show you what's currently playing and what's coming up, with a link to the full schedule. You'll also be able to use the scroll bar to rewind and restart the current programme. 

Underneath the playback area, you'll see the four most recently played tracks (on music stations only, and when listening in real time). We'll also recommend on-demand programmes we think you'll enjoy. 

Changes to listening on demand 

On-demand programmes also use our new playback page. 


We'll queue up additional programmes we think you'll like based on the programmes or clips you've listened to, and we'll autoplay the next item in the queue when your programme comes to an end. To find out more about autoplay (and how to toggle it on and off), head to our What is autoplay and can it be toggled on or off? page. 

Looking for a tracklist of the music played? Just scroll down to the Tracklists section to see what music was played during that episode.

Can I still play content in the pop-up Radioplayer console? 

Yes, you can:

  • Select Stations > on the BBC Sounds homepage
  • Choose a radio station you'd like to listen to
  • Select Listen Live to start playback in the pop-up Radioplayer console

Once the pop-up console has launched, you can also use its search box to discover and play BBC on-demand radio programmes. 

If you don't use the Radioplayer console and want to continue browsing while listening, open a new tab on your web browser. 

Having problems with the website on your mobile or tablet?

We're aware that some older mobile or tablet operating systems are having trouble playing content on the BBC Sounds website. Have a look at our Help fixing problems with BBC Sounds on your mobile or tablet page for steps to try to resolve the issue.


Here's a rundown of what's changed on the homepage: 

  • Continue Listening

In the Continue Listening section, you'll notice episodes and clips that you haven't yet finished. Select any episode and we'll take you directly to the playback page. And once you've finished one episode, we'll display the next available episode.

  • Daily Discovery

Our editorial teams handpick the best music, radio and podcast content that the BBC has to offer. We update these collections regularly so check back often if you're looking for something new to listen to. 

  • Recommended for You

We'll show you programmes we think you'll enjoy based on what you listen to. 

  • Bookmarks

Bookmarks is where we show the programmes and clips you've added to listen to later. You can find out more about adding episodes and clips to Bookmarks in the What is My Sounds and how do I use it? page. 

With BBC Sounds, you’ve got the breadth of BBC Radio at your fingertips. For more tips on how to find your favourite programmes – and the programmes you haven’t even heard of yet – check the How do I find and play programmes? page.

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