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Can I use Android Auto or CarPlay with BBC Sounds?

Yes, you can. The BBC Sounds app has been updated to include support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in the UK.

To enjoy BBC Sounds’ new in-car experience, Android owners can either connect to a compatible car display or download and run the Android Auto app on any Android phone running Android 5.0 or above. iPhone owners will need an Apple CarPlay equipped vehicle. This feature requires version 1.9.0 (or above) of the BBC Sounds app.

Here's what you'll see in the new car-friendly view of the BBC Sounds app:

  • Browse: Have a look through our simplified Podcasts, Music Mixes and Recommended for You menus
  • Stations: Listen live to all of the BBC’s national and local radio stations across the UK
  • My Sounds: Easy access to all of the radio programmes, podcasts and music mixes you're subscribed to or added to your Bookmarks
  • Downloads: Offline playback of programmes you've downloaded onto the app

A simplified touch interface makes it easy to skip to the next episode or jump backwards and forwards 20 seconds within a programme on both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The Android Auto experience also supports voice commands, enabling you to control your BBC radio in-car experience without taking your hands from the wheel.

Need help setting up the Android Auto app or Apple CarPlay?

Please remember when using the BBC Sounds app in your car it is your responsibility to always:

  • Follow safe driving practices (i.e. focus on the road at all times and don't be distracted)
  • Comply with all relevant laws, traffic regulation and road signs


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