House Rules

What are the rules for commenting and uploading?

We've established these House Rules for your safety and to keep the BBC website a healthy environment for discussion.

We love you posting comments and uploading creations. But please don’t do anything horrible, rude or illegal.

More specifically, please don’t post or upload anything that:

  • Is inappropriate (abusive, offensive or disruptive)
  • Is off topic (to the original content or the current conversation)
  • Contains personal information (either your own or someone else’s)
  • Puts children at risk
  • Is illegal, or glamourises illegal activity
  • Is defamatory (damaging to someone else’s reputation)
  • Is in contempt of court (anything that could affect the outcome of a court case)
  • Infringes anyone’s rights (including privacy rights)
  • Was made by someone else, or that copies someone else’s creation
  • Is posted for your financial gain (advertising, sponsorship etc.)
  • Isn’t in English (unless we’ve asked you to comment in another language)
  • Contains spam (unless you’re commenting on a story about reconstituted meat)
  • Contains links to content that can’t be seen easily, or may be unsafe (viruses, spyware, paywalls etc.)
  • Breaks our election and referendum rules
  • Or doesn’t comply with the rest of our BBC Terms of Use.

Breach of the BBC terms of use will result in the removal of your comments. Repeated breaches will result in the restriction of your BBC iD.

The BBC may refer serious matters to relevant external agencies (i.e. law enforcement) or may correspond with you further if necessary to meet a legal obligation or to fulfil our duty of care.

If your post has been removed or your account has been restricted and you do not agree that you have broken these rules, please visit our appeals FAQ.

Display names

  1. Why has a display name been reset?

    We reserve the right to reset display names that:

    • Contain website or email addresses
    • Contain contact information i.e. phone numbers, postcodes etc
    • Appear to impersonate someone else
    • Contain swear words or are otherwise objectionable
  • Moderation


    Find out about how we moderate your comments.

  • Appeals


    Find out how you can appeal against our moderation decisions.