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17 September 2014
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A man and a woman
Secrets of the Sexes

Are men and women's brains wired differently?

A new BBC One series delves into our minds to find out how we think and fall in love.

Find out more with
Sex ID

Sex ID test
Can a burly builder have a woman's brain? Investigate your brain sex with Sex ID – the survey featured in Secrets of the Sexes.

Empathising and systemising

Look into my eyes
The Sex ID survey tested the theory that women are better at correctly interpreting facial expressions, on average.

Fake smiles test

Fake smiles test
Test your ability to spot a fake. Or try our other psychology tests.

Brain map

Brain map
If you want to be happy, tell your amygdala to keep quiet. Use the brain map to find out where your amygdala is and what it does.

The science of love

Madly in love
Events occurring in the brain when we are in love have similarities with mental illness. Find out more about the science of love.

 TV Programmes

First shown July 2005

Brainsex - Programme 1

Attraction - Programme 2

Love - Programme 3

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The science of pulling
Researchers say it's best to flirt with body language and a smooth voice.

Personality test
Are you a Big Thinker or a Mastermind? Find out if you're one of 16 distinct personality types.

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Science proves love is blind
We suppress brain areas used for critical thinking when we're smitten.

Love in the lab
Scientists say they can predict marital happiness with 94% accuracy.

Love and drugs
Listen to a radio programme that asks if chemicals can solve love crises.

Relationship help
Get tips to improve your relationship from

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