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17 September 2014
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Lost Land of the Jaguar: an expedition to the jungles of Guyana

An international team of explorers, scientists and film makers discover the plants and animals that inhabit the spectacular landscape of Guyana. Places that only a handful of people have ever seen before.

Expedition Guyana team

Meet the Team
Find out what the best moments of the expedition were for the presenters and film makers.

Giant anteater

Animal Gallery
Some of the more unusual animals photographed during the expedition, plus discover Guyana's top predators.

George McGavin looking for butterflies

Extra Clips
Watch web-only documentaries from the expedition team, from giant plants to tiny grazers.

Dan Huertas in a boat

Expedition Uncut: Dan's Diaries
Get a researcher's-eye view of expedition life including a tour of base camp and find out what it's like to discover a hidden lake.

Squirrel monkey

Wild Sounds
The expedition team heard many animals without ever seeing them. Listen to their recordings and see if you can work out what's making all the noise.

View of Guyana's forest

Guyana's Forest Future
Programme-maker Steven Greenwood explores what's happened to this area of Guyana since the team left.

Scientists at expedition base camp

Expedition Discoveries
Scientist Dr George McGavin reports on what the expedition found. The Guyanan government was handed a similar report at the end of the expedition.

Justine Evans filming in the forest canopy

Filming in Guyana's Wilderness
Find out how the expedition team filmed in such a remote location.

Termites game

Anteater Game
Get an anteater's-eye-view of a termite mound and see how many you can snaffle without getting bitten!

raindrop on a leaf

Virtual Jungle
What makes the world's forests so special? Explore the virtual rainforest to find out.
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 Lost Land of the Jaguar

Meet the Team

Animal Gallery

Dan's Diaries

Extra Clips

Wild Sounds

Guyana's Forest Future

Expedition Discoveries

Filming in Guyana

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