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17 September 2014
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In Prehistoric Life:

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Games & quizzes

Games and quizzes
Games & quizzes contents

Solve prehistoric problems, survive deadly seas or fight for your life as a young Allosaurus. Play games and quizzes inspired by weird and wonderful creatures from the past.

The Baryonyx mystery

The Baryonyx mystery

Have you got the palaeontology skills needed to uncover the truth about Baryonyx? Weigh up the video evidence to find out.

Fakes and mistakes quiz

Can you spot a fake?

Hoax prehistoric finds can even fool the experts. Take a photo quiz and see if you can pick out the frauds.

Who dung it?

Who dung it?

There are people who make a living as experts in dinosaur droppings. How good would you be? Take the quiz and find out.

Dinosaur world game

Dinosaur world

Travel back in time and explore our 3D dinosaur landscape. It's a real Jurassic park with Allosaurus, Diplodocus and more.

Seamonsters game

Sea Monsters adventure

Can you survive the seven deadliest seas of all time in this game? Take the plunge!
BBC News: Bizarre whale fossil found

Cavemen challenge

Caveman challenge

Are you a chimp or a champ? Put your skills to the test in our interactive challenge.

Skeleton jigsaws

Skeleton jigsaws

For scientists a 50% complete fossil is exceptional. Think you could re-assemble a creature from a pile of bones?
BBC News: Greek mastodon find 'spectacular'

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