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23 September 2014

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Thousands of you took part in the world’s largest climate experiment

Impact on the UK

In the BBC One programme ‘Climate Change - Britain under Threat’, Sir David Attenborough, Matt Allwright and Kate Humble explore the impacts of climate change on the UK.

Experts consider the changes that the UK can expect given the most likely results from our experiment.

Jay Wynne from the BBC Weather Centre presents reports for typical days in 2020, 2050 and 2080 as predicted by our experiment.

Weather 2020

Jay Wynne from the BBC Weather Centre presents a report for a typical day in 2020 as predicted by our experiment.

Heat / transport

If predictions of warmer, drier summers are accurate, you might be looking forward to the UK climate of 2020. Until, of course, it gets too warm or too dry.

Heat / water

Health, transport and water supply industries face serious decisions to cope with heatwaves and droughts that the Experiment concludes are certain to become more frequent.

Rainfall / rivers

Predictions of more frequent extreme rainfall will mean more families facing the misery of their homes flooding. While living nowhere near a river can't keep you safe, looking after your garden may help.

Rainfall / sewers

You don't need to live by a river for flash floods to fill your house with murky water. Where does your sewage go?

Weather 2050

Jay Wynne from the BBC Weather Centre presents a report for a typical day in 2050 as predicted by our experiment.

Plants and animals / Scotland

Plants and animals face moving or dwindling if they can't adapt quickly enough to the ways climate change is affecting their habitats.

Plants and animals / Devon

The UK climate has warmed naturally since the last ice age but recent rates of change are pushing native plants and animals out of step with their environments. Farmers too face new crop choices.

Weather 2080

Jay Wynne from the BBC Weather Centre presents a report for a typical day in 2080 as predicted by our experiment.

Lifestyle / homes

Four degrees of separation - get ready for a more efficient future to accommodate and minimise UK climate changes towards the 22nd century.

Lifestyle / travel

Come the year 2080, a 4°C rise in average temperature will affect Britons' choices of home, car and holiday.

Sea level / past

Britain has a history of holding back the waves, not always successfully. A 1-2m rise in sea level will force a reassessment of whether it's always a fight worth having.

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Sea level / future

Spare no expense? The cost of keeping out the sea means some low-lying areas will be surrendered to the waves.

2080 and beyond: worst case scenarios

The Experiment's model ends at 2080. All the predictions beyond then suggest doing nothing now about carbon emissions could prompt catastrophes certain to affect the UK.


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