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23 September 2014

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Thousands of you took part in the world’s largest climate experiment

Removing the software

The BBC climate change experiment is now closed to new participants.

If you have already installed the BBC climate experiment on your computer, it will continue to run. There is no deadline and every day that your computer is running adds to the research.

Once your individual model is finished, its results will be sent to Oxford. You then have an option to continue with a new non-BBC experiment, or you can detach from the project and un-install the software.

How to uninstall the Climate Change Experiment software

You can uninstall the experiment at any time, although to make the best possible contribution it's worth completing the climate model's run all the way up to the year 2080.

If you want to uninstall the software, this page explains the two steps you need to take:

  1. Detaching
  2. Removing/deleting

Detaching from the experiment means telling's main computers that you're no longer participating. The Experiment Manager allows you to do this.

  1. Run the Experiment Manager

    It will be among the programs listed in the Windows Start menu. If you can't find it, open up My Computer and look for the climate change experiment's folder within C:\Program Files

    When it's running, the Manager application shows you a white text area on the right of a column of grey buttons. Across the top are conventional Windows menus as well as a row of six tabs.

  2. Select the Projects tab

    The column of Command buttons will now include Detach as the 5th option. On the right (in the white background text area) is a list of all the distributed computing projects on your PC. It is most likely that the BBC Climate Change Experiment is the only one.

  3. Select the BBC Climate Change Experiment

    Click once anywhere on the line of information that starts with "BBC Climate Change Experiment" to make it active. It will change colour from inactive grey.

  4. Click the Command button labelled Detach
  5. Exit the Experiment Manager

    This option is in the File menu.


Once you've detached, you can erase the experiment's files from your hard drive. There are two ways:

  1. Use Windows own remove function
  2. Delete things yourself
Use the Windows Add or Remove Programs function

In the Windows Start menu, click Settings, then Control Panel. Double-click the Add or Remove Programs option. Once the program list is populated, find the BBC Climate Change Experiment and click once to select it. A button appears labelled Remove; click it.

Delete the files yourself

You can also manually browse the contents of My Computer, using the Windows Explorer, and delete the folder that relates to the experiment. Unless you changed the default during installation, everything is in a folder on your hard drive at C:\Program Files\Climate Change Experiment



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