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We contact applicants on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before the programme. Due to the high volume of requests received we apologise that we are unable to call everyone.

Question Time audience members will be requested to come up with TWO questions to be considered for the programme. Please note that everyone applying to be part of the studio audience is required to complete this form. The information is completely confidential and only used for the purpose of balance.

It's important that as many applicants as possible get the chance to be part of a Question Time audience. If you have been in a QT audience within the past ten years we are delighted that you want to do it all over again, but please give others a chance and don't apply this time round. If you have applied before but not been successful, we welcome your application.

You can also apply by telephone. To do so, call 0330 123 9988.


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Have you ever been part of the BBC Question Time audience before?

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Your views

How did you vote in the EU Referendum?
Political party membership
Are you, or have you ever been, politically active in any way e.g. held office, attended a political meeting, distributed leaflets, campaigned, stood as a candidate, worked for a political party, supported a campaign group?

Other information

This information will be collected by the BBC and shared with the producers of Question Time, Mentorn and Full House. If you are selected to be an audience member, would you like the BBC to contact you again to be an audience member in future programmes?
If you are selected to be an audience member, would you like Full House to contact you about future non-BBC programmes? Please note, Full House is a separate data controller to the BBC. If you opt-in to their communications, Full House process your data in line with their Privacy Policy.

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