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16 October 2014
Monarch of the Glen

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Monarch of the Glen
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- Martin Compston
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Cast Comments
Lloyd Owen Lloyd Owen
Lloyd Owen plays Paul, who finally appears to feel at home in the Highlands. But can true love and happiness finally be on the cards for him? Lloyd reckons Paul's a real ladies man and usually gets what he takes a fancy to. Take a look at what he says.
Susan Hampshire Susan Hampshire
Susan Hampshire is Molly, the dotty matriarch of the MacDonalds. Hear all about the rainbow premonition she had while filming series one and how it's finally dawned on Molly that life as a merry widow can be pretty lonely. Find out more.
Tom Baker Tom Baker
Tom Baker is Donald MacDonald, a former racing driver with a chequered past. After some initial reluctance, he is finally protective and fond of his childhood home. Read exactly what Tom has to say about Donald's mental capacities - and his own!
Alexander Morton

Alexander Morton
Sandy Morton is Golly, the faithful ghillie and proud custodian of Glenbogle's traditions. With baby son Cameron on the scene, life looks like it could get very interesting. Read more and discover what Sandy would love to have to remind him of Glenbogle.

Martin Compston Martin Compston
Martin Compston plays Ewan, the West Coast lad who's king of the kitchen at the Big House. Juggling more than one lady at a time might be a dream for most young lads, but Ewan quickly finds himself right out of his depth! Read what Martin says.
Rae Hendrie Rae Hendrie
Rae Hendrie plays Jess, Golly's daughter and Glenbogle's first girl ghillie. The joys and pressures of being a big sister loom large for her in series seven - keeping her mind off men... and more specifically Duncan! Find out what Rae says.
Kirsty Mitchell Anthony Head
Kirsty Mitchell plays shy, sheep-loving shepherdess Iona. Honest and straightforward, she is forced to move into 'the big house' - a prospect which horrifies her, despite the Laird being so handsome! Kirsty tells us more about playing Iona.
Kellyanne Farquar Kellyanne Farquhar
Runaway Amy arrives in Glenbogle and finds a kindred spirit in fellow mischief-maker Ewan. Kellyanne tells us more about the role including the daunting prospect of snogging Martin Compston!

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