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16 October 2014
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Welcome to BBC Education Scotland's exciting site for What? Where? When? Why? Within the site there are units on the following topics:

Living Things;
Technology - Things we wear;
Scottish Woodlands.

The following fun-packed activities can be used to complement our televised education programmes What? Where? When? Why? on the above topics. Alternatively, this Online service can also be implemented independently without using our TV series - it all depends upon your requirements and the needs of your learners!

What is the purpose of BBC Education Online?
  • BBC Education Online offers a range of purposeful, stimulating learning activities, which cover various curriculum areas.
  • Using BBC Education Online can also serve as a useful ICT resource, which allows you to integrate ICT and, in addition, enrich other curriculum areas.
  • This Online service is an accessible teaching resource, available to you and can implemented when required.

There are many activities for the children to complete. What? Where? When? Why? questions are explored in four tasks. Please note that the Where and When activities in Homes have differentiated tasks to suit learner requirements, as do the What and Where activities in the Living Things site. In the Technology - Things we wear and Scottish Woodlands sites there are also differentiated tasks for Levels A and B.

You may wish to "Bookmark" this site or add it to your "Favourites" or, alternatively, download it. This will allow you to implement the activities at your convenience.

You may wish to "Bookmark" this site or add it to your "Favourites" or, alternatively, download it. This will allow you to implement the activities at your convenience.
Help icon - Living Things
All our children's pages are "safe" areas, which prevent any pupil leaving the site or visiting the "unknown"!! On each page there is a help icon which will give the children text and audio prompts when clicked.

The site will work best for the child if an adult initially makes them familiar with the help icon and its function.

In addition to the Units on Buildings, Homes, Living Things, Technology and Scottish Woodlands there is also a Gallery. There are 5 sections in the Gallery: Homes, Living Things, Technology – Things we Wear, Scottish Woodlands and Happy Gang pictures. There is an opportunity to view a picture from a collection of drawings submitted by children. Click on one to make it bigger.

The Happy Gang are the presenters. They will stimulate thought and increase learner motivation throughout the games and activities.
The Technology and Woodlands sites have pre-loader buttons in the teacher’s page. You can use these to speedily download the site before starting the lesson.

Teachers icon - Living ThingsYou will find the teacher's icon on the top left hand corner of each page. This tells the teacher how to complete the activity.

PLEASE NOTE: The teacher's icon gives the option to leave the 'safe area' and return to the home page. This is how we suggest you leave the site at the end of the lesson.

Using ICT and BBC Online as a learning resource can support the development of a positive disposition towards learning and enhance learner self-esteem. Therefore, in some areas, when each child has completed the four activities/ games, he/she will be able to print out an achievement certificate in recognition of his/her endeavours.

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