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16 October 2014
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Malaria Case Studies
The links below give details of malaria projects run by international organisations and aid agencies. Click on them to go to the sites.
Information about a primary health care project in India using theatre to educate rural villages about prevention of malaria.
UNICEF site. Highlights malaria control projects in different parts of the world.
Information about a malaria control project in Sudan.
East African Case Studies in Malaria prevention.
World Health Organisation photo story of a farming project in Tanzania growing plants used in malaria prevention.
Cholera Case Studies
The links below give details of cholera projects run by international organisations and aid agencies. Click on them to go to the sites.
Unicef : details of work being done in Angola during the 2006 cholera outbreak.
Information on work being done by UNICEF in Gambia.
The American Water Works Association (AWWA) site. Details a World Food Project (WFP) project to provide safe drinking water in Malawi.
Case Study of cholera in Peru.
General Geography Links
The links below will take you to sites that are useful when studying development and health issues. Click on the link to go to that site.
The CIA Fact Book. Online resource that gives information for every country of the world.
The World Health Organisation. Alphabetical list of links to different diseases and development projects run by the WHO.
The United Nations. Has information on poverty aimed at schools.
Development Goals site. Gives information about development issues such as poverty and health.
Student information site on global development issues from the World Bank.
All the sites listed have been checked. However, the constantly changing nature of the Internet means some sites may alter after we have visited them. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites. You can help maintain the quality of this site by letting us know if you find any sites unacceptable or offensive. Your comments will be carefully considered.
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