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16 October 2014
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Economic Indicators
A High Percentage of People Employed in Agriculture
A high percentage of people employed in agriculture is a good indication that a country is still developing. Why is this? Put the puzzle together to understand the wider picture. Choose the pieces of the puzzle that you think contribute to a high percentage of people working in agriculture. There are six correct pieces to choose. Simply click the buttons to choose each piece of the puzzle.
Jigsaw puzzle. Poverty
Poverty – Poverty – Farms in developing countries are not as mechanised and a lot more people grow their own food.
Jigsaw puzzle. Trade
Trade – People in developing countries earn more money from selling agricultural goods than from selling manufactured products.
Jigsaw puzzle. Poor education system
Poor education system – Working in agriculture is not a high wage occupation and trade revenues from selling agricultural goods are low.
Jigsaw puzzle. Conditions
Conditions – People in developing countries prefer to work outdoors rather than in offices.
Jigsaw puzzle. Poor healthcare system
Poor healthcare system – Countries where the major employer of workers is agriculture struggle to afford a basic healthcare system.
Jigsaw puzzle. Money
Money – Agriculture pays better money than office or factory work. People can also be their own boss.
Jigsaw puzzle. Little industrialisation
Little industrialisation – Industry tends to pay higher wages and so if there were industrial alternatives, fewer people would settle for working on the land.
Jigsaw puzzle. Working habits
Working habits – People in developing countries prefer to work outdoors rather than in offices.
Jigsaw puzzle. Subsidies

Subsidies – People are paid to live in rural areas and work in agriculture so that the cities are not overcrowded.

Jigsaw puzzle. Little trade
Little trade – Agricultural goods tend to be of low value and so would earn the country very little in revenue.
Jigsaw puzzle. Cultural
Cultural – Farms are passed down the generations within families. Agriculture is seen as a family business and tradition.
Jigsaw puzzle. Health
Health – People prefer to work in agriculture because it means they can grow their own food. The food is healthier than food bought in shops.
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