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16 October 2014
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These are the details of the BBC Education Scotland cds, dvds and tapes available to order throughout the 2007-2008 school term.

Due to rights issues, all cds, dvds and video cassettes can only be ordered by schools/educational establishments. If you are after a particular programme, why not ask your school to order a copy?

Radio programmes are no longer available on cassette. They are available on CD or mp3 file format. The advantage of mp3 is you can order the WHOLE of the School Radio output for each term in a single CD pack for £4.99 (exc VAT). Note though a computer or mp3 player is required as most standard CD players will not replay this format.

For further enquiries:

Contact Details
BBC Schools' Broadcast Recordings
LS23 7EP


08701 272 272
08701 273 273

Ordering Details
Title CD/DVD/Video Order Code Cost
(exc VAT)
Ages 5 - 9
Hop, Skip and Jump
Autumn '07
cd 0701HSAJC £4.99
Hop, Skip and Jump
Spring '08
cd 0802HSAJC £4.99
Autumn '07
cd 0701HOPSC £4.99
Spring '08
cd 0802HOPSC £4.99
Scottish Resources 7-9
Autumn '07
cd 0701SRSNC £4.99
Search Inside
Autumn '07
cd 0701SEINC £4.99
Stop, Think, Wonder
Autumn '07
cd 0701STAWC £4.99
Ages 9 - 14
Scottish Resources 10-12
Spring '08
cd 0802SRTTC £4.99
School Radio mp3 For more details see the School Radio website.
All programmes on mp3
Autumn '07
mp3 0701MP3PC £4.99
All programmes on mp3
Spring '08
mp3 0802MP3PC £4.99
All programmes on mp3
Summer '08
mp3 0803MP3PC £4.99
Standard Grade
Bitesize - Biology video code to follow £6.40
Bitesize - Chemistry video code to follow £6.40
Bitesize - Computing video code to follow £6.40
Bitesize - English dvd code to follow £8.99
Bitesize - French dvd code to follow £8.99
Bitesize - Geography dvd code to follow £8.99
Bitesize - History dvd code to follow £8.99
Bitesize - Maths I dvd code to follow £8.99
Bitesize - Maths II dvd code to follow £8.99
Bitesize - Modern Studies video code to follow £6.40
Bitesize - PE dvd code to follow £8.99
Bitesize - Physics video code to follow £6.40
Intermediate / Higher
English - Scottish Short Stories - Unit 2 video code to follow £6.40
English - Critical Evaluation of Literary Non-Fiction dvd code to follow £8.99
Geography - Physical Environments: Coastal Landscapes dvd code to follow £8.99
Geography - People and the Environment: Environmental Hazards video code to follow £6.40
History - The British Slave Trade and its Abolition 1770-1807 dvd code to follow £8.99
History - Road to War 1933-1939 dvd code to follow £8.99
Modern Studies - Political Issues in the United Kingdom dvd code to follow £8.99
Modern Studies - International Issues: The USA dvd code to follow £8.99
Modern Studies - South Africa: Issues in an Emerging Nation - A Society in Change video code to follow £6.40
Èisteachd is Labhairt
Spring '08
cd 0802EILAC £4.99
Far na duilleig
Summer '08
cd 0803LEIAC £4.99
Order these resources by using the contact details above. In the mood for shopping? Check out what other BBC products are on offer online.
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