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17 September 2014
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Human Instinct Human Instinct

Put your morality to the test and find out how you compare to the nation in our online experiment.

Delve into the deeper science behind altruistic behaviour and its role in evolution.

Fly eggs in gums Disgust
Test your disgust sensitivity in a real science experiment. Find out how this vital instinct can keep us alive.
Disgust Experiment | Total recoil

Couple kissing Lonely Hearts
Learn what the opposite sex wants. Make your lonely hearts ad and reveal the hidden signals of attraction.
Interactive Lonely Hearts Ad | The mating game

Mixed faces Face Perception
Can you tell someone's personality from their face? Put your skills to the test in a real science experiment.
Face Perception 1 | Face value

Scales of justice Morals
Are you a model citizen, or do you look after number one? Understand the instinct to put others first.
Morals Test | Moral maze

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