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Bargains Galore!  Shockwave - 103k
Drag coins onto the till before the bargains disappear! (age 5 to 9)

Money Snap  Shockwave - 74k
Play Snap against the clock, matching coins and their values. (age 5 to 9)

Clockwise  Shockwave - 115k
Help DynaMo set the clock and learn to tell the time. (age 5 to 9)

Matching Time  Shockwave - 71k
Match pairs and learn general knowledge facts about time. (age 5 to 9)

Splat!  Flash 3 - first download 41k
Test your general knowledge in DynaMo's quiz challenge! (age 5 to 9)

Gleep and the Tall Tree  html
Meet DynaMo's friends Josie and Gleep in this scrollable story. (age 5 to 7)

Who's Spooking Who?  Flash 3 - first download 226k
Josie and Gleep star in an interactive, haunted house adventure! (age 7 to 9)

Spellbound  Shockwave - 119k
Spell against the clock with SloMo! (age 7 to 9)