In photos: How to wear your hijab

Jaheeda wearing her turban Jaheeda wears her headscarf in a turban style. She says: "My hijab completes my outfit. If I don’t wear a hijab, at a family party for example, I would feel really odd. It's not just about religion - I feel like wearing my hijab is my comfort zone. That's my identity now."
Shayma wearing her hijab in a 'ponytail' style Shayma takes inspiration from the internet: "My biggest inspiration for ways to wear my hijab is YouTube. It's an international thing where everyone can look for ideas - there are so many different hijab styles on there."
Sadia wears her hijab in a Turkish style Sadia likes to wear her hijab in a Turkish-inspired style. "In London, we live in a multicultural city and we can be inspired by other cultures like the Turkish style - that's a really big thing right now."
Nazihah wears her hijab in a classic style Nazihah wears her hijab in what many consider to be the classic style: "My mum is my biggest inspiration because she wears really modest headscarves. I think that what we need to remember when we wear headscarves is that it should be modest - not too much going on."
Sadia wearing her Turkish-inspired hijab For Sadia, a hijab is a "necessity". "It is part of my religion and it is part of me. I can make it modest but also modern at the same time."

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