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This lesson explains how to group stories into bulletins and the art of presentation.

It also introduces the art of headline writing.


To develop an understanding of the structure of news bulletins

To explain the ways news is broadcast

To develop good presentation techniques

To introduce the art of headline writing


1. Video - Broadcasting news

2 mins 42 secs plus discussion time

2. Video - Presenting masterclass

3 mins 24 secs plus discussion time

3. Activity - Present a script

10 mins

4. Activity - Broadcasting from your classroom

15 mins

5. Quiz -Broadcasting news

10 mins


Video: Broadcasting News - Huw Edwards

BBC newsreader Huw Edwards explains the essentials of broadcasting news.

BBC newsreader Huw Edwards explains what's involved in broadcasting the news.

Whether it's standing in front of the camera, talking into the mic or publishing a written story on the web, broadcasting is when you tell everyone your story.


This video is available on a separate web page to make it easier to distribute in the classroom

And it is available to download for use in the classroom.

You can recap the key points from video with this accompanying worksheet, or read a transcript of the video:

PDF download Key points: Broadcasting news[27.46]

PDF download Transcript: Broadcasting news[23.28]

A Welsh language version of the video is also available, together with a transcript.


Presenting Masterclass - Ellie Crisell, BBC 1's 8pm summary

School Report presenting masterclass

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Ellie Crisell, presenter of BBC One's 90-second news bulletin, reveals what goes into making a polished news bulletin.

She explains why it is important to be aware of the news agenda, check her scripts, practise reading them aloud and rehearsing while she also gives her top tips for presenting which include "making friends with the lens".

PDF download Key points: Presenting Masterclass[149]

PDF download Transcript: Presenting Masterclass[173]


Activity: Present a script

Ask your pupils to choose one of the scripts below and ask them to practice reading it aloud with a partner. Remember Ellie's top tips and don't worry if it's not perfect first time - that's why presenters practice before they go on air!

If possible, consider recording the bulletins so students can listen or watch back. Then try re-recording.

PDF download Sample Scripts [22.90]


Activity: Broadcasting from your classroom

The stories you produce will be published on your website - the BBC will link to you, so you could have a very wide audience for your reports!

Try this discussion activity to help your students understand some of the things they should bear in mind when reporting the news. Feel free to add your own questions to tailor it to your group

Our resource on keeping your news safe and legal offers some guidance for teachers on some of the key issues.

  • Question: The stories we report on and publish will be available on the internet. Who do you think might see our stories?
  • Answer: Anybody!
  • Question: If anybody can see our stories, what kind of things do we need to think about when we're deciding what to include?
  • Answer: Privacy (How much information about ourselves/others are we telling people? We should not publish personal details such as surnames of children, people's address or personal information they might not want us to share); staying safe online (using social media safely, do not give out personal contact information; taste and decency (is the story appropriate for your audience? We should think about tone - if it is a serious story about an accident, we should not report it in a light-hearted manner); defamation (we should not say anything that can damage someone's reputation unless we can prove it is true).


  • We do not encourage schools to use social media but each school will have its own social media policy.
  • Question (if you plan to use social media): - How are we going to use social media?
  • Answer: We should use it safely - we won't give out our personal information to anybody and if we have any concerns about how someone is behaving on social media, we will report it.



This multiple-choice quiz is designed to test your knowledge of how to write scripts and stories.

It also provides real-life scenarios to prompt discussions about the issues that can arise during writing news.

Pupils can take the above test online, either on this page or on a separate page which is easier to email and distribute at school; a low-tech alternative would be to print out this worksheet:

PDF download Quiz: Broadcasting News[28.24]

PDF download Quiz + Answers: Broadcasting News[36]


For reference, teachers may like to look at previous years' lesson plans including 2012-14, 2009-11 and 2006-8.

This lesson has been approved by the BBC College of Journalism.

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