In pics: Behind the scenes at the BBC's Olympic Park studio

18 July 2012 Last updated at 17:59

School Reporters from the Bridge Academy in Hackney make the most of exclusive access to the BBC's Olympic Park studio and find out all about the plans for covering the biggest sporting event on the planet!
Jonny Bramley and School Reporters
Jonny Bramley is the man responsible for making sure the BBC's Olympic Park studio works perfectly during the Games. He gave the reporting team from the Bridge Academy in Hackney a behind-the-scenes tour of the BBC's operation there
School Reporters speak to Malcolm Cowan
First stop was the production office. They spoke to Malcolm Cowan, who is the lead VT editor. He and his team will be cutting the TV reports viewers will see on screen
School Reporters in the gallery
Then it was off to the gallery to learn about vision mixing with Bill Cole, while cameraman Mark captures the action
School Reporter does a piece to camera
Isiah films the first piece to camera of the day in the gallery, where the pictures that end up on television will be chosen
School Reporters with Dave Gordon
The team meet Dave Gordon, BBC Sport's head of major events who stopped to chat with the School Reporters
School Reporters look up at the BBC Studio
Then the team walked across the Olympic Park to the BBC studio. Jonny explained it has been made out of shipping containers, which are both eco-friendly and good value for the BBC
The BBC studio at the Olympic Park
The BBC team is still putting the finishing touches to the studio - but you can already see what a great view the presenters will have
School Reporters on the sofa in the BBC Olympic studio
Jesse, Francis, Raphael and Isiah take a seat on set. From their position, they could look down on the Olympic Park - they even got waves from the people walking around below!
School Reporter in BBC Studio
Raphael gets to grips with one of the studio cameras as the team film another section of their report
School Reporters on the sofa
The studio will soon be home to Gary Lineker and rest of the BBC presenting team. Isiah thinks that Gary will be "very happy" with the studio!