Collated below are our topic-specific Security Guidelines - these provide the key requirements to meet the objectives of the BBC Security Policy

Each of our Security Guidelines provide links to our Security Codes of Practice - these documents explain how our security requirements are to be met in practice. Our Codes of Practice are particular to the BBC and may only be accessed by those connected to the BBC network.

Security topics

  • Management of SecurityThis Security Guideline provides the framework of measures by which people and property at the BBC are to be protected against the risk of crime, including management responsibilities, security threat and response levels, security training, risk assessment and incident reporting.
  • Security on BBC PremisesThis Security Guideline provides measures to help mitigate the security threats associated with production activities on BBC premises, including access control, filming permits, VIP security, and that of studio guests, audiences and tours.
  • Corporate Security ManagementThis guide provides details of the overall management arrangements for corporate security at the BBC.
  • Security of Productions on LocationThis Security Guideline provides measures to help mitigate the security threats associated with production activities on location, including door-stepping, covert filming, working with crowds and public order issues.
  • Security of the IndividualThis Security Guideline provides measures to help mitigate the personal security threats to individuals in everyday life, including personal security, privacy, mail handling, travel security, cash handling, dealing with bomb and suicide threats, harassment and stalking.
  • Access Control of BBC BuildingsA guide to access control of BBC buildings.
  • Asset and Property SecurityA guide to asset and property security.
  • Buildings Security ArrangementsA guide to building security arrangements both at the BBC and externally.
  • Security of Data, Assets and EquipmentThis Security Guideline provides measures to help safeguard BBC data, assets and equipment from loss or unauthorised copying.
  • Building Security - Infrastructure and StandardsThis Security Guideline describes the physical measures required to protect BBC premises from external security threats.
  • Building Security - Facilities Management and GuardingThis Security Guideline describes the facilities management and guarding services that are required to protect our premises, and their occupants, from security threats.
  • Security Codes of Practice - Full ListCollation of BBC Security Codes of Practice (CoP)

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