Everyone at the BBC is responsible for security. We all have a part to play.

The BBC takes its security responsibility very seriously.

Our overall objective is to carry out our operations in a way which provides, and maintains, a secure working environment for the protection of our employees, the people we work with, and for those who visit us.

Corporate Security are a team of dedicated security professionals who are available to provide advice to BBC staff, programme makers, and management on a range of security topics including personal, programme, event and building security.

The dedicated Corporate Security intranet pages provide guidance, and information on our processes, policies and standards for those working at or with the BBC.

Ensure that you understand the security responsibilities aligned to your role, such as a completing security risk assessment for building projects, events and productions.

We would ask that all staff familiarise themselves with the Corporate Security Top Ten, to help keep you, others and the business safe.

Above all we would ask you to trust your instincts.

Be vigilant and aware of your environment. You know what looks normal and what doesn’t.

If something doesn’t feel right report it to Security or a line manager immediately.

Security topics

  • Security of Productions on LocationThis Security Guideline provides measures to help mitigate the security threats associated with production activities on location, including door-stepping, covert filming, working with crowds and public order issues.

Tools, guides and contacts

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