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  • Working at Height: Ladder Pods

    Working at Height: Ladder Pods

    Ladder pods provide a flexible, cheap and stable filming platform at heights of up to 5m. They can be used on sloping and uneven terrain. Typically used in drama productions.


  • Security Incidents and Investigations

    Security Incidents and Investigations

    Security threats to the BBC can and do manifest as a serious incident resulting in fatality, injury, programme and service loss, damage to property, reputation issues, and financial loss.


  • Noise At Work

    Noise At Work

    Controlling the exposure to noise at work which can be harmful to one's hearing. This exposure maybe caused by loudness, proximity and/or the duration of exposure. Whatever the state of your hearing, the message is the same: you must look after your ears. If you are a musician or work with music or sound this is particularly important, as they are the most important tools of the trade and your hearing health is vital to your quality of life.