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Sport Safety Guide - Training

Date: 12.03.2015     Last updated: 11.04.2018 at 11.47
All staff should complete the mandatory training for your job role. Refer to your line manager.

The following are production risk specific:

  • All sports staff working in close proximity to crowds e.g. boxing, rugby, cricket, football, etc. should consider the need for attendance at our Working in Crowds training course
  • All staff working for the BBC in countries designated hostile environments must complete the Hostile Environment and First Aid course and refreshers (HEFAT).
  • All staff who regularly work in noisy events e.g. motor sport, boxing, rugby, cricket, football should have their need for noise protection assessed by a competent person
  • Additional related learning and links to health and safety training have been included following each topic. Training should be discussed with your Line Manager in relation to the productions you are sent on.
  • Those who complete and authorise risk assessment for coverage of sporting events should complete a relevant mandatory training course, such as the Safe Management of TV or Radio Productions, or News Assignment and Location Safety course (NALS).
  • Freelancers and international staff without access to Gateway – please talk to your UK contact.

Safety Training courses

Training resources are under regular development – check the course list given in our safety guideline 'Training and Competence: Safety' (see Related Topics).

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