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Date: 09.04.2015     Last updated: 13.01.2017 at 13.01
Unlike the Journalism Safety Guide, this guide is not based on generic risk assessments. The guide forms the basis of useful information to consider when YOU are carrying out a risk assessment. For simple and repetitive tasks, local generic risk assessments exist and should be followed.

Getting Started

When planning any production, event or activity you should consider the resources needed and the steps you’ll need to take to manage the potential risk.

You’ll find guidance to help you with the planning stages in several pages of this guide, such as:

  • Selection and Managing Production Contractors
  • Monitoring and Supervision
  • Location Safety
  • Sports Safety guide Training 

As you work up your plans, schedules and staffing requirements you’ll need to start the more detailed planning, develop the risk assessments and decide how you’ll remove or manage the risks.

Use the index of topics in this guide to help with you planning and to develop the risk assessment.

If you need more information look at the wider range of information on the myRisks information site. You can use the navigation at the top of the page to help you; or the search to find subjects, topics or even keywords.

You’ll also find links to some other sources of advice that many help you, such as from the Health and Safety Executive, or other competent sources of advice.

If you can’t find what you want or you need more help or advice, if you are working on a BBC production, event or activity you can call contact the BBC Safety advice line, or contact your safety advisor directly.

If your production has any elements that are high risk, you should contact the BBC High Risk team directly, or via the Safety Advice Line.

Sport events always take place in non BBC locations, therefore there is a requirement when two or more employers share a workplace that they MUST coordinate their health and safety. Monitoring will ensure this is taking place and identify any gaps. 

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