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Date: 22.09.2015     Last updated: 05.09.2016 at 17.38
This guide clearly and concisely sets out the key safety hazards and control measures for different production risks, activities and locations.

The guide contains the collected knowledge of people who are experienced in managing and advising on programme safety. It can be used as a guide when you are planning your programme, activity or event, completing a recce, carrying out risk assessments, managing the activities, or reviewing your existing risk assessment.

It is not infallible or a substitute for original thinking - it's simply an aide memoir and information resource based on current legislation and best practice.

Sports staff can also refer to the Journalism Safety Guide (JSG) for common activities. Copies of the JSG can be downloaded or obtained in hard copy from the BBC Safety Advice Line.

Are You Using the Safety App?

In areas of the business such as production, radio or sport the Safety App can be used: 

  • to record changes to your risk assessment in a dynamic way
  • during a recce to record issues, hazards and controls which you need to cover in your risk assessment

For High Risk Activities you must still contact the High Risk team for advice and support. 

More information can be found on using the App on the About page via the More button.

Further Advice and Feedback

If you can’t find what you are looking for or need more advice and are working on a BBC production, then contact your safety advisor or the safety advice line.

If you have any comments or suggestions for additional guide pages then please email the Safety Advice line.

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